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ClientSupport is avaialable for any IT questions you may have at anytime. Happy clients are returning clients.

Services supports all aspects of computer support. We even support MAC issues. Our Service is derived from people that have been involved in the IT field since 1994.

Our Strategy's strategy is to make sure our clients are happy with our support and will return to us when the need arrises.

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Virus on your computer?

We recommend that all PC's contain an Anti virus software. Believe it or not, there are many pieces of software our there that you can install for free. They provide superb security, and might even find some viruses on your machine that your PAID Anti virus software overlooked! If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you.

Spyware got you beating your computer to death?

If you computer is having issues starting your mail, running slow, or even not booting in the time it used too, chances are you may have some Spyware on it. Spyware is software that can make its way through to your machine and watch your every move, every site you visit, and even install software that can manipulate your computer. FixThisDamnPC has many tools we have used over time that are capable of removing Spyware from your machine and returning it to life again.

Our Services


Desktops (towers) can be finicky. We are cost leading in desktop repair, with over 20 years of quality service.


We also will repair any Laptop issues you are experiencing. We have specialized in laptop repair for over 20 years.


We will come to you! Be it Server, Desktop, or Laptop, we can come to your location, home or business.


FixThisDamnPC also services Macs. Why pay top dollar for service from Apple? Go with us, you'll be happy you did!

Used Desktops

Looking for an inexpensive Desktop?


How about cheap tested computer hardware?


Have us setup your network or cable your location.


Custom built servers, used or new.


Cheap new, AND USED monitors available.


New and Used laptops can be fit to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the normal turn around for Desktop Repair?

If you bring your desktop to us the normal turn around is 24-48 hours. Most problems can be repaired with equipment we have available. However, if equipment is needed turn around time may be longer.

I spilled my coffee on my Laptop, now it won't turn on!

In most cases, laptops can be repaired if fluids haven't made their way into the laptop. If you experience an accident like this, immediately turn off the laptop and call us. Provided no damage has taken place on the system, we might be able to salvage your laptop for you.

My Network and Server are slow!

Most servers and networks are setup with little or no updates after they've provided years of service. Allow us to come in an provide you with a quote on what can be done to update your network or servers.

My MAC is having issues, Apple wants to charge me big $$ to just look at it!

FixThisDamnPC is proud to have satisfied returning customers. We will provide you with a FREE Diagnostic to find out what could be wrong with your MAC.





Where to find us:

507 The Alameda

Middletown, Ohio 45040

Miscellaneous Info:

Please give us a call directly at 513-390-6766. If we are unable to receive your call immediately, please leave your message and we'll call you back.